For the past 140 years, Watson Venne s.e.n.c.r.l./LLP and its predecessor firms known under the names of

W. de M. Marler (1872-1900)

W. de M. Marler (1872-1900)

W. de M. & H. M. Marler (1900-1960)

McLean Herschorn Marler Common & Tees (1960-1962)

McLean Marler Common & Tees (1962-1970)

McLean Marler Tees Watson Poitevin Javet & Roberge (1970-1979)

Marler Tees Watson Poitevin Javet & Roberge (1979-1981)

Tees Watson Poitevin Javet & Roberge (1981-1985)

Tees Watson Poitevin Javet Roberge Stephenson Corn Whitney & Lapointe (1985-1988)

Watson Poitevin Javet Roberge Stephenson Corn Whitney & Lapointe (1988-1991)

Watson Poitevin (1991-1996)

Watson Poitevin Turcot Prévost (1996-2012)

have provided their clients sound legal advice and careful guidance in the conduct of their business affairs.
It began when William de Montmollin Marler was sworn as a Notary at Montreal in 1872. He was followed by Edouard Cholette, his son Sir Herbert M. Marler, Herbert B. McLean, another son George C. Marler, Herbert H. Tees, John H. Watson and Henri Poitevin, to name but a few. Proud of its reputation, earned and maintained for well over a century, for meeting the ever-changing requirements of its clients – important financial institutions and others majors corporations, business enterprises and individuals – the firm continues its growth in providing services of the highest calibre, with special emphasis on corporate and commercial matters.


Experience makes
the difference


  • Persons and Family Law

    The representation of our close relatives, whether minor or of full age, may be quite an ordeal, and the procedures required to protect them may be tainted with subtleties. Our firm can assist you during this hardship.

    Families in Quebec are unique and deserve to be well protected. Our firm benefits from a respectable experience in the protection of married or de facto spouses. Our personalised approach meets the needs of our clientele.

  • Wills, Estates and Taxation

    Estate planning is efficient when it meets the client’s objectives and is developed in light of its importance. It may include Wills (with provisions even to protect your pets), Marriage or Conjugal Contracts, strategic charitable Donations, Powers of Attorney or Protective Mandates and Trusts, the whole coordinated to minimize tax implications. Since its foundation, the firm’s experience in these matters has continually benefitted its numerous clients.

  • Real Estate

    The firm’s reputation in Real Estate is most enviable, having earned same through its participation in the acquisition, financing, construction and development of multi-residential immovable complexes, office buildings, shopping centres and industrial buildings throughout the Province of Quebec.

  • Commercial and Corporate Law

    Small and medium-sized businesses are commonly confronted with multiple commercial and corporate matters for which the members of our firm may provide guidance. Our personalised services meet our clients’ needs and include corporate governance, mergers, acquisitions, and private commercial reorganisations and the financing of various projects.


Pierre Venne


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